Thesis – Week 1

Today marks the beginning of the second week of my thesis. The first week didn’t feel that much different from any other first week of a course. If anything, it felt more relaxed. I only had to post twice in an online journal, which only my advisor could view. The thesis’ course calendar looks sparse … Continue reading Thesis – Week 1

An Open Letter to Friends Long Gone(?)

For being a self-proclaimed sufferer of hypergraphia, my website is embarrassingly sparse. A few snippets of prose, short stories, the ubiquitous unclassifiable ramblings, sometimes labelled as poetry. And, well, not much else. So as I sit here, looking forlornly at the calendar to see just how many days of freedom I have left (the answer … Continue reading An Open Letter to Friends Long Gone(?)

Goodbye 2015!

So, I got some fantastic news on New Year's Eve: my flash fiction piece "Four Letters" was accepted for publication by 365 Tomorrows. The site is dedicated to providing a new piece of sci-fi flash every day of the year. Mine was posted on December 31st, officially the last of 2015. If you want to … Continue reading Goodbye 2015!

Relax…is not a word I’m familiar with.

It's days like today that make me very glad I have Hans Zimmer, Hamilton Cleverdon, Steve Jablonsky and David Arkenstone on my playlist for the drive home. If it was nothing but Slade, Nightwish, Kamelot, AC/DC and Dark Moor, I'd be bankrupt from speeding tickets. #WorkInCustomerServiceForADayAndYoullSeeWhatIMean 😦 Muse, oh Muse, where have you and Time … Continue reading Relax…is not a word I’m familiar with.