So, you want to know more about me? Alrighty.

Your authoress.

December 2016 saw the end of a two year’s journey, as I submitted my thesis for consideration in Lindenwood University’s MFA program. The work, which comprised a small portfolio of refined coursework and a portion of my novel-in-progress, was accepted, and my diploma arrived some weeks later.

Prior to that, I earned my bachelor’s in Rhetoric/Creative Writing through the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an associate’s in Web Design and Development through Southwestern Illinois College. Clearly, I’m a masochist. Or a glutton, I’m not sure which.

My first published work appeared in early 2015 on the Furious Gazelle’s website. “The Procedure” is a piece of flash fiction that will give you goosebumps in just 500 words. You can read it here. But if creepy crawly horror isn’t your bag, baby, then bounce over to 365 Tomorrows. Their site picked up my sci-fi flash piece “Four Letters” at the end of 2015. You can read it here. They honored me again with their quick acceptance of another flash of mine, “Erasure”. More recently, Her Heart Poetry published my micro poem “Social Media” in their 2017 anthology The Annual.

I have many works-in-progress, including two novels, but the majority of what I share here will be in the genre of flash, along with histrionic ramblings about the nature of writing, and that elusive, fickle companion of the Muse, inspiration.

Happy reading, and thanks for dropping by.
– &i

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