The Voice of God.

I took this post straight from my Facebook page, so, apologies if you’ve already seen it on my timeline.

Me and AR outside the Virginia Theater in Champaign, IL. 4/27/2007


Back in April of 2007, a good friend of mine and I were lucky enough to meet the legend known as Alan Sydney Patrick Rickman. He was incredibly gracious, patient (there were a lot of fans) and kind. This picture almost wasn’t taken, because my camera was malfunctioning. When I apologized profusely for holding him up (in the chilly rain too) he chuckled and assured me it was fine. And hence the smile in our picture. :’)

He inspired me to be creative, much like fellow Brit Tom Hiddleston does now. Like many, I first saw him in my favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard. (And yes I do categorize it as a Christmas movie, and no your argument is invalid.) But my favorite role of his was not Hans Gruber, or Alexander Dane/Dr. Lazarus, or even Severus Snape. For me, he will always be Metatron, the Voice of God from Dogma.


I hope, that if God ever deigns to talk to me, he uses Alan Rickman, the man with the voice like velvet. RIP good sir. You were loved, and will never be forgotten.

– &I

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