One week ago.

Hard to believe that SDCC2015 was already winding down a week ago this evening. But with it, came a tremendous personal victory, one that is only rivaled by cheating death (twice) some years past, mainly because I set my mind (and my heart) to do something, and I did it. I will always, always, remember July … Continue reading One week ago.

The joys of flying.

[Written somewhere between San Diego and Las Vegas. A week old, but hey, I've been dealing with some jet-lag that won't go away...or maybe it's a broken heart...] So, I decided within a few minutes of taking my seat on my flight back to (insert home city that I don't really care to come back … Continue reading The joys of flying.

10. DAYS.

With the full #SDCC2015 schedule out now, I'm sure every nerd in the blogosphere will join me when I say... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! #uncontrollably excited

Anxiety kills.

So, I'm currently pacing a circuit around my bed, with my pants tied around my head like a long bandana, muttering a mashup of Shakespeare and Tennyson. Anyone else get nervous like this? No? Huh.