It isn’t dead.  For all your sacrifices…you’ve failed. You know what this means.

But could you do it?

When you said the invocation, and it appeared by your side, you never expected this. Now it lies inside the same pentacle you drew to conjure it. You shared your memories with it. It knows your thoughts. You breathe, together. You laugh, and it laughs with you. It shares your name, your face, your darkest secrets and desires. You don’t know where you end, and it begins. Therein lies the danger.

Your breath is shaky. Hopefully, the enchantments will contain it long enough for you to undo what never should have been done. You wet your lips to say the spell. Its chest heaves sympathetically.

The words tumble over your lips. It cries out with your voice. You close your eyes, shouting the last words as you blindly reach for the dagger at your side. In the moment before the world turns black, and all is lost to you, you wonder.

If the spell should fail…can you do it?

© Andi Dobek 2015

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