Heat #1 – Still thinking…

Greetings, all…how’s that story going?

Mine…meh. I’ve some semblance of an idea, but if you’re anything like me, you know that sometimes it takes a phrase or a particularly vivid image to get the words really flowing. My last quarter of grad school was spent in a workshop where we had to produce one story a week, and while it’s amazing to be in that mode again…the memories of the frustration are coming back too.

So, here I am, writing out loud and hoping my Muse will take me by surprise. My idea intrigues me, and my secondary character is (at the moment) more colorful than my protagonist so…tells me I’ve a lot more wrestling to do with this piece. Especially since it’s about 2k words short of the goal, HA!

Definitely looking forward to connecting with/making some new friends in the forums…how are the rest of you faring? Anyone already submit? If so…*shakes fist* curse you and your over-achiever-ness! 😛

Let’s hope another 24 hours breaks the writer’s block. Cheers.

– &i


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