Thesis – Uh, what week is it now…?

Well then. Been awhile. I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle. Without the flowy beard.

According to my countdown, it’s only 10 days now until go time. Since my last post, work became nearly insufferable, interfering with my writing project(s) to the point that of an evening, I didn’t feel like blogging about it/them, lest it become one long, discombobulated rant. That, and I’ve been battling an irksome cold/sinus infection, so right now I’m writing this cocooned in blankets. At least Beast (my laptop) keeps my legs warm.

To be honest, I’ve not worked on Infernal in close to two weeks. After midterm, I decided to give my brain, my characters, and my writing hand a break. I wiped it from my mind. More importantly, I let myself forget about it for a bit. And I think it’s the best thing I could have done. I was growing entirely too frustrated with the project, and even though I have a deadline to contend with, I desperately needed to step away. Recharge. I gave myself room to breathe. Now, finally, I feel that same tickle, that same itching, coming back to my brain and my fingertips, that persistent feeling that I do have something to say, and it’s something worthwhile. Perhaps I was forcing myself too hard to produce those first six weeks? Entirely possible.

I have received some positive, actionable feedback from my thesis reader (thank you very much by the way) particularly where my previously workshopped pieces are concerned. I might even stretch my “break” from Infernal a tad longer, just so I can focus a bit more on the pieces that marinated since their last time in front of an audience. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll cut most of them entirely, at least from the finished thesis document I turn in, if only to allow more room for Infernal.

I had high hopes to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, (and yes, I know there are those of you who joke and tweet about the flippant nature of the 30-day writing sprint, i.e. “oh, so you take writing seriously for just one month? That’s cute.”, but I say at least people are still getting excited about writing!) but alas, once again, my day job of counting other people’s money sucks all my creative juices from the marrow, and leaves next to nothing for me. Throw in a nagging illness, and the holidays, and productivity becomes rarer than feathers on a frog. (Points to anyone who gets that obscure, 85 year-old reference.)

I’m planning to start fresh tomorrow; I need to post more here to make up for the past few weeks of being MIA.

–   &i

P.S. I think I may have found my villain. He was hiding in plain sight the whole time. Now I just have to strap him to a chair and interrogate him, figure out what makes him tick, so that I can turn him loose and watch him devastate my other characters. *evil grin* I never planned on a happy ending, after all…


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